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Welcome to MenuSifu

Organic Food

We are 100% natural, fresh, and organic!

Our story

A small organic restaurant in town

We started as a small organic food restaurant back in 1980. We have expanded our business to different states, with over 150+ chain restaurants in United States.

We are grateful to our customers for continuing support us! We will continue working hard to serve our customers with pride and confidence.

100% Fresh

Our food is 100% fresh and natural.

Pay Online

Place and pay your food online.

Fast Delivery

Food delivery in less than 1 hour.

Track Location

Find out where your order is when order online.

Best Online Order Ever

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Online Order & Delivery


Fast and secure ordering


A variety of food at your service

Average waiting time

< 30 mins

100+ Dishes Recommended

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150+ Stores in United States

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Delivery to 30+ Zip Codes

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50000+ Orders Fullfilled

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